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Q : Can I mount my Flat Panel TV above the fireplace and is it safe?

A :Absolutely! If you use HD Hookups we will not install the TV unless it's in a safe location Call us at 1.888.434.6658 for more information.

Q : What cables do I need for my LCD TV or Plasma installation?

A :This depends on what you're hooking up. For high definition components we recommend using HDMI cables if possible.

Q : How far should I sit from my large screen Plasma TV or LCD TV?

A :The distance to sit from your large screen Plasma TV or LCD TV is based on the size of the flat panel screen. Check out our Plasma and LCD TV Installation distance calculator.

Q : Do prices go up if I have a larger screen TV?

A :No! HD Hookup doesn't charge a additional fee to install larger Tv's.

Q : Are the cables that are needed for the installation included?

A :No, neither is the Television, any required wall mounts or anything else not specifically listed in your invoice.

Q : Is moving the power outlet included?

A :No, but we only charge $75 to get it done. That's about half of what other companies are charging to extend an electrical outlet.

Q : Do you provide commercial installation services?

A :Yes, we provide installation for commercial, business and government locations.

Q : How long does the installation usually take?

A :Most packages take 2-3 hours, Premium installations can take longer.

Q : Does the installation include the price of the Wall Mount?

A :No. All equipment must be purchased separately. If you need assistance finding the equipment you need, please call us at 1.888.434.6658.

Q : Will the installers set up my DVD player, VCR and other components?

A :Every service package we provide includes setting up all the audio and video components. Surround sound hookup only available on the home theater packages.

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