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February 5th, 2017 Posted By: admin

The full Google TV experience is finally ready for mass consumption.

image-sv dish google tv main

By now, you’ve certainly checked out our Sony Google TV and Logitech Revue reviews, but today is the first day DISH subscribers will be able to get their eyeballs on the full google TV experience. The Integration service requires a $4 per month DVR integration fee and comes with a Logitech Revue box for the discounted price of $179 (down from $299).

The fully-integrated experience is compatible with the ViP series HD DVR boxes, including the ViP 622, ViP 722 and ViP 722k. In exchange for your DISH loyalty (and that monthly $4 fee), you get a much tighter integration with the Google TV search and the content found on your DVR. Is it worth it? Maybe. Will it get much more worth it once cool apps start hitting the Google TV Android platform? Probably.


HD Hookups Facebook Page
February 24th, 2011 Posted By:

To reach all our customer base in United States,  HD Hookups recently launched a page on Facebook. This new Facebook Page aggregates all Audio and Video web content for HD Hookups, enabling fans to use it as their portal to better socialize with us; the page also features our latest installs Photos which everyone will enjoy. Customers are also able to use as a channel of communication in regards to their Appointments, Services and Inquiries in general.

Furthermore, HD Hookups Facebook page will keep fans up to date on the latest news regarding the Audio and Video Industry and Technology.

HD Hookups also maintains a Facebook group, the HD Hookups Club. With a large number of members that grows daily, the HD Hookups Club hosts discussions on various AV-related topics; these discussions are pertinent to novice and seasoned Audio and Video Fan as well as anyone enthusiastic about latest Technologies.

In keeping with its mission of bringing new material to people everywhere, HD Hookups will continue to develop its presence on Facebook. Home Theaters appreciators can join San Diego Best TV Installation Company on both the HD Hookups page and the HD Hookups Club and will find an ever-increasing wealth of information to utilize and enjoy.

HD Hookups’ group and page can be found by searching for HD Hookups at

Amazon Instant Video Service Release
February 23rd, 2011 Posted By:

HD Hookups your Audio and Video Design and Installation company would like to let you know that another big player just got in to the Streaming Video Business. Amazon released today their new Service for Streaming Video through the Internet. It is a bold and wise move since they will utilize their current client base that is a Prime subscriber which will facilitate to disseminate the new service. Now, Amazon is a direct competitor against Netflix, Hulu, Vudu (recent acquired by Wal-Mart).

There is an unprecedented demand for video surveillance systems around the world because of the growing security concerns within establishments. Companies are coming up with cutting-edge security equipment that can offer protection against the ever more sophisticated threats arising in the society. It is not uncommon to see CCTVs installed in a city’s major malls, commercial buildings, and all other places with a large volume of people.

Installing video surveillance cameras can be the best way to boost security and accomplish the necessary peace of mind. A potential intruder thinks several times before planning an intrusion at a place that is guarded by surveillance systems. Besides acting as deterrents in various public places, the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance systems also reduce the public’s fear of crime and ensures the quick deployment of security personnel to the incident.

HD Hookups is a renowned firm, servicing both San Diego and Orange County. They offer professional installation of surveillance systems in a cost effective way. These systems are designed to monitor a property and protect it against vandalism, theft or accidental damage. If something happens to the property, the footage from the surveillance system can be handed over to the police to apprehend the correct offenders, and/or be provided to the insurance company. The various commercial services offered by HD Hookups also include installing:

  • Projectors
  • Teleconferencing
  • AV
  • Networking Installation
  • Retrofitting
  • Construction Pre-wiring, Structured Wiring, Speaker & TV Wiring

Majority of the commercial installations require a licensed contractor, insurance policies, and design drawing expertise; HD Hookups fulfills all these requirements. The company provides complete systems integration for a wide range of commercial applications. It works with public & private schools, school districts, restaurants, property management companies, medical facilities, industrial & manufacturing facilities, and correctional facilities in San Diego and Orange County.

As more and more commercial setups are realizing the importance of surveillance and traffic control, they are connecting to experts for building adept security measures and thus safeguard their establishments from the various unanticipated forms of theft.

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